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Irrigation Trends

Energy Efficiency
As energy costs continue to rise farmers are taking more interest in the energy efficiency of their water systems. Low energy products combined with good overall system design can mean big farm and orchard savings.

Use of Gravity
By tapping into high springs or creating dams in the hills farmers are able to gravity feed water into their irrigation systems. Modern, well-designed gravity fed systems are effective and involve no on-going energy costs. These systems are increasingly popular in the Hawkes Bay, East Coast and Wairarapa.

Pop-Up Sprinklers
Pop-up sprinklers are migrating from the golf course to the farm. After three successful years on the Wanganui farm of Alan Cooper, other farmers with contours that are too challenging for traditional farm irrigation systems are seeking the pop-up sprinkler option.

The benefits of fertigation are huge. The fertiliser is delivered exactly where its needed in a soluble form that will not wash off or leech out. Suitable for all crops, including pasture, and able to be added cheaply and easily to most irrigation systems, fertigation is leading the way in efficient productivity improvement.

Increased Sprinkler Width in K-Line Systems
The advent of the Irripod version of the K-Line type irrigation system has meant farmers can lower their capital costs through wider spacing of the sprinklers or the lines.

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