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When choosing products for your water system you want to choose brands that are well proven. ADL have sourced a range of proven products to cover all facets of irrigation, drainage and water supply. With products for farm, orchard, turf, residential, commercial and industrial applications, ADL supply many of New Zealand’s leading water system installers and Irrigation firms throughout the country. Call ADL today to find the water system products that are right for you.


Irrigation is not a ‘one system fits all’ business. That’s why ADL supply leading brands of Irrigation equipment, locally made and imported.

Pipe and Pipeline Fittings
ADL are major supplies of PVC and Polyethylene pipeline products, along with all the required fittings and joining equipment, including cast iron fittings, specially manufactured, PVC fittings, electrofucion and buttweld fittings.

Choose the right sprinkler for your application from the extensive ADL range which includes circle sprinklers, propagating foggers, fitted non drip devices, gear drive pop-ups, large rotor pop-ups and many more.

From complex control valves to simple gate valves, ADL can supply the right valve for the right situation.

ADL have products for automation or semi-automation of new and existing water systems. Call ADL for timers, decoders systems, central controllers, sensors and the works.

Stockwater Systems
Pipes, pumps, valves, troughs and everything you need for an effective stockwater system of any type.

Frost Protection Systems
Total solution frost protection systems chosen for New Zealand conditions. ADL offer both the hardware and the control software so you can monitor temperature, humidity and system performance from your home PC.

Drip Systems
Fertigation is the way of the future. See ADL for accurate delivery of fertilizer and an even crop every time. New and retrofit options available.

Filtration Systems
Clean water is good water. ADL offer manual, semi automatic and fully automated filtration units.












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